Spring Session – April 2

Don't miss out on our Spring Hammer Session that starts on April 2. You won't find a better offseason program or a better price. We are passionate about wrestling and using this sport as a tool to improve our youth's skills, confidence, and work ethic. Find more information at http://www.hammerwrestling.org. You can download our flyer … Continue reading Spring Session – April 2


Seize the Day

Most of us have heard the term "Carpe Diem", which translates into "Seize the Day". Again, we all likely understand the general meaning of the philosophy in that we should make the most of each day and take advantage of the opportunities presented to us. This is all great and seems simple enough. I would … Continue reading Seize the Day

Hammer Wrestling is Back!

Hammer Wrestling and PUSH Wrestling are now working in conjunction to provide athletes with some great instruction along with a great facility. PUSH Wrestling has a 24 hour access facility that allows wrestlers to workout at their convenience. We will be hosting Hammer practices at PUSH's facility this offseason on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7:30pm. … Continue reading Hammer Wrestling is Back!